Norton 1936 M30 International 500cc 1 cyl ohc



Norton  1936 Model 30  “International”  490cc  OHC  frame # 30-61698 engine # 64901

One of the most charismatic model names in motorcycling history, ‘International’ was first used by Norton for its top-of-the-range sports roadster in 1932. 
The Inter’s Arthur Carroll-designed overhead-camshaft engine had been developed in the works racers for the preceding two years, and although it retained the classic 79x100mm bore/stroke dimensions and shaft-and-bevels cam drive of the existing CS1,  it was entirely new. Based on the works bikes and intended for racing, the International could nevertheless be ordered with refinements such as lights and a kickstart-equipped gearbox. 
From 1936 onwards Internationals supplied specifically for racing began to divert from the road machines, and they were given many upgrades including better oiling, lumpier camshaft profiles, bigger carburettors and racing magnetos. 
By the time production halted in 1939 it was being built with a four-speed foot-change ’box and plunger rear suspension (the ‘Garden Gate’ frame), reappearing after the war in similar guise save for the adoption of the hydraulically-damped Roadholder front fork, which replaced the pre-war girder. 
Today this rare landmark model is one of the most sought after of all Norton motorcycles.  
The machine on offer is in excellent condition  and  was until recently part of the Sammy Miller Museum Collection.