Norton 1939 16H 500 cc sv



Norton 1939 model 16 H    490 cc side valve single   frame & engine  #  W 89310


The 16 H engine with dimensions of 79×100 mm had a remarkable production run of no less than 45 years. 
Keywords with this design are reliability, robustness and power.   Compression ratio is a modest 4.9 :1.  
Every year a number of improvements were made. Some were technical, others were meant to enhance the machine’s good looks.
For 1939 some  improvements to the 16 H are:
– a redesigned oil control ring  and an increased number of oil holes in the piston, all meant to further reduce oil consumption
– modified saddle position and increased saddle size, considerably adding to the rider’s comfort
– improved silencer of tubular construction to reduce the exhaust noise
– the end cover of gearbox and change speed mechanism and the magneto chain cover are polished now instead of sand blast

This sturdy Norton is in unrestored condition and runs well.