Norton 1945 Model 16H 490cc 1cyl sv 3007



Norton 1945 model 16 H 490 cc side valve single frame # U 45586T engine # W 10071

The 16 H engine with dimensions of 79×100 mm had a remarkable production run of no less than 45 years.
Keywords with this design are reliability, robustness and power. Compression ratio is a modest 4.9 :1 and the engine delivers some 12.5 hp.
Front and rear 7-inch brakes are fitted, which have ample power to stop the Norton’s 165kg weight.
Every year a number of improvements were made of which some were technical and others were meant to enhance the machine’s good looks.
The machine we offer here was registered in 1945 but engine and gearbox numbers show that these parts are of 1940 manufacture.
After the war many ex-service machines got civilian specifications and possibly this also goes for this well- restored example.
In the course of a couple of years a complete technical and cosmetical restoration was undertaken.
This 16H is a good runner and comes complete with bum pad and Smiths speedometer.