Norton  1959   Model 99  Dominator  596cc 2 cyl OHV 3405



Norton  1959   Model 99  “Dominator”  596cc OHV twin  frame & engine  #  P14.80933  

“Powerful, good looking, comfortable to ride, the Dominator 99  is a big machine with a big performance. The 600cc vertical twin engine is the most powerful in the Norton range. This model has a large following of enthusiasts who demand, not only high performance , but the built-in stability of Norton roadholding and braking qualities”, says  the introduction of the Dominator 99 in the 1961 catalogue.  The model is first introduced for the line-up for 1949 and  is developed year by year.  The 596cc Dominator 99 twin is outwardly identical to its 500cc Dominator 88 brother. Endowed with greater power and higher gearing, which enables it to top the magic ‘ton’, the 99 nevertheless retains all the excellent handling and steering characteristics associated with the Featherbed chassis. One of the Rockers’ favourites, the 99 remains essentially unchanged – apart from gaining alternator/coil-ignition electrics for 1958 – until dropped in 1962.

Motor Cycling  publishes  a road test of  the 99 in the January 24, 1957 issue. The  68 x 82 bore x stroke engine delivers 31 hp @ 5,750 rpm and the maximum speed the tester attains is  just above 160 km per hour. The testers are pleasantly surprised with the petrol consumption, which averages about 25 km to a litre.  “General handling quality was excellent right up the speed range and the combination of a broad, resilient seat and sensibly located adjustable footrests resulted in a high degree of rider comfort. (…) Weather protection was up to the best standard obtainable without leg shields, and other general equipment, including the comprehensive tool kit, also deserves a good mark. The lighting was adequate for a 60 m.p.h. night cruising speed, and the brakes, particularly that at the front, were such that, night or day, one could indulge in the most spectacular qualities of the “99”in certain knowledge of having full control and the  ability to stop. With the “99”, Nortons attain a new standard of excellence.

This fast tourer is a presentable older restoration that comes with Dunlop WM2 light alloy rims, rear view mirror and built-in 120 mph Smiths speedo. She has a current road registration.