NSU 1929 301T 300cc 1 cyl sv 2908



NSU 1929 “301T“ 298 cc side valve single frame # 821281 engine # 115707

In the late twenties NSU presents a line of sturdy models, of which the 494 cc “501 Tourist ” is the first. It’s a sturdily-built and modern looking machine with a unit construction engine and 3-speed gearbox.
More than 13,000 are produced in 1928 and 1928 and several other lighter models are derived from it.
One of these models is the 298 cc “301T”, presented at the Berlin Show in December 1928.
The new engine has bore x stroke dimensions of 66 x 88 mm and delivers 7 hp which is good for a top speed of approx. 85 km.
It weighs 126 kg and has a comfortable and practical low seat position of 685 mm. The new 301T is received with enthusiasm by the public and more than 9,000 are built in 1929 and 1930.
The machine we offer comes complete with Bosch electrics and steering damper.
She has been excellently restored and is in fine condition throughout.