NSU 1954 Konsul 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



1954 NSU 494cc Konsul II Frame no. 1809678   Engine no. 972745


NSU were back in production by 1949, at first with the 98cc Fox, shortly followed by the Konsul, also designed by Albert Roder, a relatively conventional (by NSU’s hyper creative standards, that is) unit-construction ohc 4-stroke, fitted with telescopic forks and plunger rear springing. In the event this model wasn’t a volume seller, and was soon updated with a revised model Konsul II, which was supplied with an optional sports kit that took bhp from 22 to 30 bhp! 
The Konsul combined a mix of German cosmetics – such as the tapered fork shrouds and cantilever seat – together with British style mudguards and exhaust system. 
This NSU has still its original specifications and is recommissioned. 
Last ridden in 2005 this fully complete NSU, showing 17,747km on the speedometer.
A rare 500cc survivor of the still well known and formerly largest motorcycle manufacturer of the world.