Opel 1920 Motorfahrrad 140cc 1 cyl aiv 3006



Opel 1920 “Motorfahrrad” 140cc AIV frame & engine # 4080

Adam Opel’s company was situated in Rüsselsheim am Main in Germany and among its products were sewing machines, bicycles, cars and motorcycles.
The latter products were made in three periods: for some years in the early 1900s, then from 1919 till halfway the twenties and finally from 1928 till 1930.
Plans for a light motorcycle had been laid out before the War but only in 1919 the company was able to market their “Motorfahrrad” (“Motorized bicycle”).
It was a complete design, the engine was not available as a loose unit.
There seems to have been be no official link with the Wall Autowheel, but the Opel designers must have had a good look at Mr. Wall’s brainchild.
Drive to the rear wheel is by chain from the camshaft; originally the intake valve was automatic, from 1922 the valve was mechanically operated.
Production ended in 1925.
The first model with automatic inlet valve was rated at 1.1 HP, the later models gave 1.6 HP.
The typical top tube layout was chosen to make a comfortable low saddle position possible.
The torpedo-shaped petrol tank holds about three litres, enough for about 120 km riding pleasure with a top speed of some 25 mph.
The Motorfahrrad has sprung front forks, two brakes on the rear wheel (rim and back pedal) and beefy 28 x 2 tyres.
Nice detail is the original “Opel” bicycle bell.
This light vintage machine has been restored and is in excellent shape.