Peugeot 1903 246cc 1 cyl aiv 2607



Peugeot 1903  2HP     Type “C”    239 cc    aiv   frame  #     1747  engine #  1184

Although a prototype  De Dion-engined  Peugeot  bicycle was displayed at the Paris Salon in 1898,  the first motorized cycles to leave the factory were actually tricycles with De Dion & Bouton engines.  
The popularity of the tricycle was unchallenged at first, but by 1902 the motorized bicycle  started to take the lead: at the Paris Salon in December 1901 81 motorised cycles were exhibited, of which there were only 21 tricycles or quadricycles. 
One of the sixty motorized bicycles present was a Peugeot, propelled by a 1 ½ HP ZL engine. 
The engine was clipped to the front down tube and had a displacement of 198 cc. 
Its weight was only 35 kilograms  and  a cruising speed of between 25 and 40 km/h was attainable. 
For 1903 the engine was placed in the “New Werner Position” and  now two models were catalogued,  one with   2HP ZL engine and the other with Peugeot’s own   2 HP power source, both types having the same cycle parts.  
The “Type C’ has a bore x stroke of 66×70 mm and the engine is fed by a Longuemare carburetor.   
Relatively few of these machines were produced, so this is a pretty rare survivor. 
This early veteran  has been restored some time ago and is in excellent condition.