Peugeot 1905 3½hp 500cc 1 cyl aiv



Peugeot ca 1905  3 ½ HP  AIV single  frame# 7711 engine # 14032

Peugeot, based in the town of Valentigny, was one of the true French pioneers, active with building motorised bicycles already before 1900. After having used Z.L engines the firm started to build its own power sources in the early 1900s.Racing successes brought fame to the make and soon the firm was one of the leading French factories. 
This ca. 1905 model is a sturdily built and well sorted machine, equipped with the famous Truffault swinging arm front suspension. 
Inlet valve is automatic, exhaust valve is mechanically operated. 
Carburetion is by  the well known Longuemare device and ignition is provided by a high tension coil, as was usual in veteran times.