Peugeot 1913 Type MD2 380cc 2 cyl aiv 3010



Peugeot 1913 Motocyclette Légère 2½ HP Type “MD2” 380 cc AIV V-twin frame # 17051 engine # 25689

In 1910 Peugeot brought out a light V-twin motorcycle that was to become an enormous success.
The “Moto Légère MD” was equipped with a 333 cc 45 degree V-twin engine with automatic inlet valves, direct belt transmission, Bosch magneto, single lever Claudel carburettor and Truffault front forks.
The little machine proved easy to start, easy to handle and was very reliable. Moreover, it weighed only 40 kgs and was able to sustain a practical running speed of 60 km/h.
For model year 1913 the bore was enlarged from 70 to 80 mm which resulted in a capacity of 380 cc and a speed of 70 km/h.
This machine was catalogued as “MD2”. It is easily recognizable by the horizontally placed spark plugs.
In 4 years some 10,000 machines were sold and this motorcycle was the most popular French motorcycle of pre- World War 1 days. The machine has 2 brakes on the rear wheel which are applied by levers on the handlebars.
The Claudel carburettor is operated by a single lever on the left side of the handlebars; on the right side we find the valve lifter.
There is a practical belt tensioner on board and this road-registered, well-restored machine comes complete with bulb horn and acetylene lighting.