Raleigh 1931ca engine 496cc 1 cyl ohv 3404



Raleigh 1931ca 496cc Two-Port overhead valve engine # DPFO RAL 205

This engine with longstroke configuration of 79 x 101 mm comes with exhaust headers and carburettor body. The engine number gives the impression to have been overstamped. It appears to be in usable condition, but there is some play between piston and cylinder wall. The external oil feed pipe to the inlet valve guide is not fitted. The detailed photos give an idea of the engine’s overall condition.
This type of engine was first used in the 1931 model MH31 and was also fitted to the MH32 and MH33; 1933 was the last year of Raleigh motorcycle production.
Quite a few motorcycle manufacturers used these Raleigh engines, but then rebadged to “Sturmey-Archer”.