Rochet 1906



Rochet  1906    1 ½  HP  ( ca.  200 cc )  aiv  single  type “M1”   engine# 103

Rochet motorcycles  were made from 1900 to ca. 1910 in the North French Somme area,  in the town of   Albert. 
Three types of machines were made between 1906 and 1910,  a   1  ½  HP  “Legère”( lightweight) ,  a 2 ¾ HP  model with water cooling and a  5 ½ HP inline vertical twin.
This little machine with engine number 103 must be a very early example of the lightweight model.   
It weighs about 40 kilograms and  has some interesting features, such as  the sprung front forks and  enclosed oil bath rear chain, chain drive being rather uncommon in 1906. 
The crankcase has a special extension that houses the pedal freewheel.
Bore and stroke are 64×68 mm, weight is 40 kilograms and   cruising speed is about 40 km/hour. 
Ignition by Bosch magneto. 
This charming piece of early French motorcycle technology has been well restored.