Rover 1917 twin 5/6 hp



 Rover  1917 “ Model 5/6 hp”  654 cc JAP  sv V-twin  frame # 44119  engine  #WAR PRODUCT H53524

This model was announced in “The Motor Cycle” of April 5, 1917 as the first Rover with a twin engine, designed and built on a contract for the Russian Army. 
It is equipped with a reliable JAP twin with bore and stroke dimensions of 70×85 mm, giving a cubic capacity of  654 cc. 
The machine has all-chain drive with enclosed chains and a three speed countershaft gearbox. 
The primary drive is by a Coventry silent chain, a chain with inverted teeth that runs on gearwheels. 
The main drive has a novel feature, namely a Brampton patent spring link chain, which is running in an oil bath casing.  
The idea behind the sprung links is that  they replace the usual engine shock absorber  because they   absorb the engine snatch in the chain.  
This  machine comes complete with acetylene lighting system,  leather spare inner tube carrier and bulb horn. 
It has been  well restored.