Royal Enfield 1913 Model 140 3hp 423cc 2 cyl ioe 2508



Royal Enfield 1913 3HP 423 cc ioe  frame # 1360 engine # G1196

The Redditch based Royal Enfield firm entered the motorcycle business as early as 1898:
In the early days engines from De Dion powered their tricycles and quadricycles; Minerva supplied the power for the first motorized cycles.
By 1904 the firm was concentrating on car production, resuming motorcycle manufacture in 1910 with a 2¼hp v-twin Motosacoche-powered lightweight.
A 2¾hp version with two-speed gear and all-chain drive followed.
These machines were equipped with the famous Enfield two-speed gear, involving twin primary chains.
In the rear wheel hub a rubber cush drive was fitted to take the punch out of the chaindrive.
This feature was to be incorporated into all Royal Enfields until the very end.
The famous JAP v-twin-engined 6hp sidecar outfit joined the range for 1912, and the firm continued the v-twin theme with a new 3hp solo for 1913, the latter being powered by Enfield's own 425cc inlet-over-exhaust engine, which was raced successfully in 350cc form.
This rare  Royal Enfield v-twin veteran has been kept in dry storage for the preceding 60 or so years.