Rudge 1915 TT Multi 500 cc 1 cyl ioe



Rudge   Multi    “TT”  1915   500cc   IOE  frame#736114  engine#11909

With the introduction of the Multi Gear Rudge was far ahead of the competition.
They won the 1914 TT races with this system and Rudges were subsequently barred from certain speed events because of their “unfair head start”.
The factory turned this to their advantage by using the “ barred” logo in  a clever company advertising campaign.
The Multi Gear system is based on the possibility to vary the diameters of both front and rear pullies, like the well-known DAF Variomatic system.
By moving a long  lever alongside the petrol tank  about 18 different gear ratios can be selected.
While on the move the rider can choose the engine rpm that gives most engine torque and then he can raise the actual speed of the machine by changing the gear ratio with the “ multi- lever “ without actually raising the engine rpm, a remarkable experience when being out on a multi for the fist time. 
This  TT model with  racing type handlebars  is excellently restored and it offers the rare combination of vintage high technology and superb riding comfort.