Saroléa 1924 23K Supersport 494cc 1 cyl OHV 3402



Saroléa 1924 “23K Supersport” 494 cc OHV frame #30115 engine# 30115

The first Saroléa OHV model, the “23G Supersport” was presented for the 1924 season and had long stroke engine with configurations of 80.5 x 97 mm. One year later a 350 cc version was presented, the “ 25F Sport”. Both OHV models were consequently further developed and became very popular with sports riders. Late in 1924 the 1925 494 cc OHV model was announced and got the designation “23K”. An improvement was the new rear brake: the 1924 model pulley brake was exchanged for an internal expanding stopper. Top speed as given by the company was an impressive 120 km and the machine was relatively light with its weight of 120 kg. Saroléa chose for quality equipment: Bosch magneto, Best & Lloyd oil pump, Sturmey Archer gearbox and Amac carburettor.
This attractive and well-restored vintage sportsman’s mount comes with steering damper, straight through exhaust, aluminium oil tank, “Auteroche” acetylene lighting, bulb horn and straight through exhaust. Photostats copies of parts list, sales literature and restauration invoices are also available.