Sarolea 1938 Model S5 500cc 1 cyl ohv 3007



Saroléa 1938 494 cc OHV “38 S Supersport” frame # 305205 engine # S 5 305205

From 1930 on the Saroléa type numbering system changed in that the type number started with the model year, So the 38 S was model S of 1938.
Saroléa introduced the sloping engine for the 1931 model range and the OHV Supersport models were available in 350 and 500cc capacities.
From 1932 on a 600cc version was also available, mainly meant for sidecar use.
Many factories designed machines with forward leaning engines for several reasons: from a technical point of view the machines could be built lower, so the road holding improved.
The accessibility of the cylinder head also got better in many cases.
But the esthetical approach was also important: many motorcycles looked so much better with an inclined engine.
The sturdy and sporty 494cc engine of the model S has long stroke specifications of 80.5x97mm.
The machine weighs 144 kg and has a top speed of about 125 km.
The oil is carried in an extension of the crankcase and the petrol tank has room for 17 litres. Petrol consumption is 4 litres per 100 km.
This late vintage sports model is an older restoration.
The machine is currently without dynamo.