Sarolea 1950 S6 600cc 1 cyl ohv



Sarolea 1950 S6 600cc 1 cyl ohv Frame 362281 Engine # S6 362281

From 1930 on the Saroléa type numbering system changed in that the type number started with the model year.
So the 36 S was model S of 1936.
That was the 500 cc OHV, the extension -6 refers to the 600 model.
A significant change took place in the 1931 model range when four new models with sloping engines were presented.
This “31 B “ is equipped with such a sloping engine.
Many factories designed machines with forward leaning engines for several reasons: from a technical point of view the machines could be built lower, so the road holding improved.
The accessibility of the cylinder head also got better in many cases.
But the esthetical point of view was also important: many machines looked so much better with an inclined engine.
The well restored machine is equipped with Lucas electric lighting system and foot change.
The oil is carried in an extension of the crankcase.