Scott 1932 Flying squirrel 596cc 2 cyl ts



Scott  1932 500cc Squirrel.

The production programme of the Scott company was concentrated mainly on two twin cylinder models with 498cc and 596cc capacity motors.  
Called the Flying Squirrel they were two stroke water cooled with an output of 24 HP at 4.000 rpm. 
A chain located in the middle of the engine drives a three stage gearbox and a magdyno. 
The girder frame composed of straight tubes had a low centre of gravity giving good stability and excellent riding properties. 
Its weight is arround 353 lbs and its top speed is about 85 mph (136km/h). 
This Squirrel is of 500cc capacity and is a good example of its type. It has been restored and is in good condition throughout.  
This is undoubtedly an excellent choice for someone who wishes to sample the pleasures of the Shipley “yowl”.