Sheffield Henderson 1922 Bradshaw 350 cc 1 cyl ohv



Sheffield Henderson 1922  350 cc  OHV  oil cooled Bradshaw engine # 655


Henderson sidecars were made by the “Aero” works of Fitzwilliam Street, Sheffield. In November 1919 the company announced the “Sheffield Henderson Motorcycle”, designed by Leonard B. 
Henderson, who was an aeronautical engineer. In a relatively short time the make gained a fantastic reputation in speed events; in June 1922 the factory even claimed several world records in the 250 cc class. 
Sheffield Hendersons could be had with  a side valve or overhead valve Blackburne engine or  a  Bradshaw engine. 
The machine had  a three speed Burman gearbox. “The Motor cycle” wrote in 1922 :” Their curious but not unattractive-looking frame construction is now familiar to most people.”  Indeed, Sheffied Henderson must have been one of the very few makes that placed the toolbox under the top tube behind the steering head, a position that obviated a  rather unusual  tank shape, an early form of saddle tank.  
However, fame was short-lived: Sheffield Henderson motorcycle production ended in 1923. 
This rare survivor, equipped with the interesting oil-cooled OHV Bradshaw engine with outside flywheel, is an older restoration.