Simplex 1953ca Zweeffiets/Glider 3309-56



Simplex 1953ca “Zweeffiets” “Glider” frame # A 9850
The Simplex Automatic machine Company was founded in 1887 and was in fact a continuation of the Simplex Weighing Machine Company. The new company took up premises in Utrecht and focused on products for the bicycle trade. It soon started to produce complete bicycles. In 1897 a new factory, equipped with the latest production machines from America, was opened in Amsterdam. In 1952 the company merged with bicycle company “Locomotief” that was also based in Amsterdam.
In 1953 a new factory was built with a capacity of 70.000 bicycles a year; around 1960 the new Simplex/Locomotief company produced about 10% of the yearly Dutch bicycle output.
A very special design is the “zweeffiets” or Glider that was presented in 1953. Because of its high price and exotic look this innovative design didn’t become a commercial success and was produced for only a few years. The bike has a suspension fork that hinges on the crown piece and the suspension is via a vertically mounted spring. The saddle is also mounted on a leaf spring and the steering head is reinforced. This rare Simplex has been refurbished a number of years ago and comes with internal expanding brakes on both wheels, TMI headlamp and VT Type A dynamo.