Singer 1885 two speed two track tricycle 3109-35



This interesting three-wheeler has 48inch driving wheels and solid tyred with opposed radial spokes.
The front steering has a diameter of 19¼ inches and is fixed to a curved extended arm set to the right of the machine.
It is fitted with a mudguard and sprung suspension.
Steering is by rod and lever, effected by a turned wooden grip in a stirrup bracket on the right.
There is a similar turned grip handle on the left, and a turned wooden grip to a lever for the band brake.
The gear change  lever is also on the left.
Both driving wheels can turn independently so there’s some form of differential on board. The saddle is spring mounted with remains of the leather cover by Lamplugh & Brown.
The pedal cranks are fitted with rubber block pedals and the 1¼ inch pitch driving chain is protected by a chain cover.
One hub cover is marked “Singer & Co Coventry”, the other hub lacks its cover and is numbered 38325 4.
The lamp brackets carry period Lucas “King of the Road” oil lamps; the trailing arm lacks its castor wheel.
The machine shows surface rusting to most metal components and has an overall length of ca. 2 metres.