Sunbeam 1922 Model 7 600cc 1 cyl sv 2606



Sunbeam 1922  4 ¼ HP    596 cc     side valve single  frame#42839  engine# 166/19227

For 1922 Sunbeam introduced  two new models, the “Longstroke “ in TT model form and a model which combined the Longstroke bottom half  with a cylinder with many cooling fins.
The engine had   bore x stroke measurements of  88×105.5 mm.  This 4 ¼ HP machine, primarily intended for sidecar use,  was named “Model 7” from the 1924 sales season and it stayed in production till the early thirties.  
It was a splendid “slogger” which pulled great weights and lasted seemingly forever.
The machine has leaf sprung front forks, rear drum brake and interchangeable wheels.   
This Gentleman’s  motorcycle is fitted with Splitdorf magneto, Amac carburettor, P & H lighting set and Bluemel tyre pump.
She’s an older restoration