Sunbeam 1924 2¾ HP Model 2 347cc 1cyl sv 3307



Sunbeam 1924 2¾ HP “Model 2, Sporting Model“ 347cc side valve, frame # 21539 engine # 242/22428

The Wolverhampton based firm of John Marston earned fame for their superb bicycles in the early years of the last century. In 1912 their first motorcycle was presented, a 350 cc side valve model (75x 79 bore and stroke) with a 2 speed gearbox. Soon the capacity was increased to 500cc, and also models with proprietary V-twin engines were made. Sunbeam motorcycles gained fame for their very high standards of workmanship, their speed and their reliability: The TT was won several times in the nineteen twenties. The 2¾ model was redesigned to 70x 90 longstroke configuration and presented again in 1923, this time with 3 speed gearbox. The 2¾ HP model was sold in touring specification with footboards, valanced front mudguard and enclosed rear chain as Model 1; the sporting version with narrow mudguards was labelled Model 2. Not only the cycle parts were lighter, but the engine gave more power and speed than the touring model; the reciprocating parts were lighter, the compression was higher and special cams were fitted. Production of this light Sunbeam stopped in 1930.

The machine we present has sports handlebars, Andre steering damper, Terry sprung saddle and she comes with leather kneepads, bulb horn and tyre pump. The lubrication system has been simplified in that there is no drip feed system and two-way tap with separate oil pipe to the gearbox, but there is a special provision on the gearbox top to add oil. The machine was first registered on June 30, 1925 according to the accompanying duplicate logbook from the fifties. At that time it was not uncommon for a machine to be registered a number of months after it had left the factory. This sleek and purposeful light sports Sunbeam proudly shows most of her original enamel and is a good runner.