Sunbeam 1926 Light Solo Model 5 499cc 1 cyl sv 3404



Sunbeam 1926 “Light Solo” Model 5 499cc side valve frame # 09205 engine # 294/16545/ S

Although vintage Sunbeam side valve machines look very much the same to many people, there are actually three different 500cc models in the mid-twenties: the standard 85x88mm Model 3 machine is marketed as an all-purpose machine and is suitable for sidecar work. The Model 5 “Light Solo” has the same engine dimensions but sports handlebars and footrests instead of footboards. The petrol tank capacity of the Model 5 is also smaller and the gearchange quadrant is not placed horizontally, but vertically. The reciprocating engine parts are lighter than those of the standard model, resulting in a more powerful engine. “A favourite choice of the clubman” the catalogue puts it. For the real speed lover there is the Model 6 “Longstroke,”, with engine dimensions of 79 x 105.5 mm.
Internal expanding brakes and mechanical oiling by Best & Lloyd pump are both introduced for the 1925 season. The oiling system is somewhat cumbersome; the oil is first delivered to the pump via gravity feed and then pumped up to the sight feed on top of the petrol tank. From there it drips, reassuringly visible, through a pipe into the rear of the crankcase. Both chains are enclosed in the gentlemanlike Sunbeam manner.

The machine we present is an easy starter and good runner. The accompanying old logbook shows that WL1035, a Warwickshire registration, was in regular use till the nineteen fifties. This vintage Sunbeam comes with Lucas acetylene lighting, bulb horn and ML magneto. (video: