Sunbeam 1928 Model 8 350 cc 1 cyl ohv



Sunbeam  1928   Model 8     350 cc OHV  frame # C 1391  engine #  273/23250

The first OHV production  Sunbeams were listed as the model 8 (350cc) and 9 (500cc) in 1924. 
The model 8 with bore x stroke dimensions of 70 x 90 mm was an excellent sporty  tourer, but stayed  somewhat in the shadow of its  more glamorous big brother.  
1928 was the last year that Sunbeams had flat tanks; a new feature for the year was that  the oil pump was now a Sunbeam mechanical pump inside a shallow bulge on the timing case.
In  previous years an external Best and Lloyd pump had been fitted.  
This machine is an older restoration in very good condition.