Sunbeam 1932 model 9 500 cc 1 cyl ohv



 Sunbeam  1932   Model 9     493 cc OHV  frame # D 13089  engine # 12/490/0/380


The first OHV production  Sunbeams were listed as the model 8 (350cc) and 9 (500cc) in 1924. 
The model 8 with bore/stroke dimensions of 70×90 mm was an excellent sporty  tourer, but stayed  somewhat in the shadow of its  more glamorous big brother, the 80×98 mm Model 9, which stayed in production till 1939.  
From 1932 on a 600 cc version  ( Model 9A) was marketed , with engine dimensions of 88×98 mm, giving 599 cc.
New features for 1932 were: Sunbeam 4 speed gearbox and  a new fork with revised brake, a  tank top panel which holds Smith clock and oil pressure gauge and  a new rocker box – with feed pipe from the oil pump – with fully lubricated rocker gear.
The clutch  is now operated with a quick thread on the front chain case, doing away with the typical Sunbeam bridge over the output sprocket.  
The machine has been restored and has a 12 V electric system.