Sunbeam 1936 Model 9 493cc 1 cyl OHV 3210



Sunbeam 1936 Model 9 493cc OHV frame # 21.541.0.372 engine # 17.538.0.394

The first OHV production Sunbeams were listed as the model 8 (347cc) and 9 (493cc) in 1924. The model 8 with bore/stroke dimensions of 70×90 mm was an excellent sporty tourer, but stayed somewhat in the shadow of its more glamorous big brother, the 80×98 mm Model 9, which stayed in production till 1939. From 1932 on a 600 cc version (Model 9A) was marketed , with engine dimensions of 88×98 mm, giving 599 cc. This machine was especially suited for fast sidecar touring. Between 1932 and 1935 only minor changes took place; in 1936 the Model 9 got a Burman gearbox and in 1937 the Model 9A. New for 1936 was a Sports version of the model 9; it differed from the standard model by having a high compression piston, high level exhaust and sports mudguards. New for 1936 were also larger, 8-inch brakes. We are advised that this good looking Sunbeam was restored in the early 2000s, but never subsequently used on the road. As indicated by a dating certificate on file from the Marston Sunbeam Club, the majority of this machine is 1936 493cc Sunbeam Model 9, although the front frame section number relates to a 1936 347cc Model 8. How this came about is a matter of conjecture, but it may have left the factory like this. Another possibility is that the front frame was changed, either at the factory, or in the hands of a repairer. Whatever the reason, it represents excellent value as a restored 500 OHV Sunbeam. The restoration included stripping and rebuilding the engine and gearbox, rebuilding the wheels with stainless spokes, fitting new tyres, renewing all paintwork, reconditioning the magneto and dynamo, fitting a K-Tec regulator, re-plating or replacing all chrome work and fitting some stainless steel fasteners. The machine has regularly been turned over and started. This quality sports tourer comes with Smiths speedo and practical side stand; a toolbox is not fitted. The machine comes with various papers such as dating certificate, restoration photos and photostat copy of instruction book. Because she has not been out and about so far, a good check-over prior to road use will be advisable.