Sunbeam 1936 Model 9 Sports 493cc 1 cyl OHV 3209



Sunbeam 1936 Model 9 Sports 493cc OHV frame # 17S/539/1/375 engine # 17S /538/0/269

The first OHV production Sunbeams were listed as the model 8 (350cc) and 9 (500cc) in 1924. The model 8 with bore/stroke dimensions of 70×90 mm was an excellent sporty tourer, but stayed somewhat in the shadow of its more glamorous big brother, the 80×98 mm Model 9, which stayed in production till 1939. From 1932 on a 600 cc version (Model 9A) was marketed , with engine dimensions of 88×98 mm, giving 599 cc. This machine was especially suited for fast sidecar touring. Between 1932 and 1935 only minor changes took place; in 1936 the Model 9 got a Burman gearbox and in 1937 the Model 9A.
New for 1936 was a Sports version of the model 9; it differed from the standard model by having a high compression piston, high level exhaust and sports mudguards. New for 1936 were also larger, 8-inch brakes. The machine we present has been restored a number of years ago and was enthusiastically ridden by its late owner. She comes with tank top amp gauge and Smiths speedometer and has not run recently. Thus, a good check-over prior to road use will be advisable.