Terrot 1910ca Gentleman’s bicycle 3212-43



Terrot 1910ca Gentleman’s bicycle frame # 55674
The foreman of a French-owned textile machine factory based at Cannstatt, Germany, Charles Terrot left to go into partnership with merchant Wilhelm Stücklen in 1862, founding ‘Stücklen & Terrot’. The firm made machinery for the textile industry and in 1887 opened a plant at Dijon in France. When this venture proved unsuccessful, Charles turned the factory over to making bicycles, which at that time were an increasingly popular novelty. The cycle we present dates from around 1910. It comes in unrestored but “touched up” condition complete with tyre pump. Terrot’s No. 2 front brake system and Terrot’s own two-speed hub are fitted. Some of the control wires still await connection.