Terrot 1924 L 2HP 175cc 1 cyl ts 3301



Terrot 1924 “Type L 2HP” 175cc two stroke frame # 18832 engine # 1046

In the early twenties Terrot built a line of sturdy and utilitarian two stroke machines. The company recommended these machines to customers who demanded economical transport with minimum costs and maximal reliability and comfort. The little two strokes were very popular in their day and they are very practical for vintage club activities or leisure runs in our time.
For 1924 two strokes in capacities of 145cc, 175cc and 269cc are listed. The compact 175cc engine has bore x stroke dimensions of 57 x 68 mm and the rider has to mix the oil with the petrol himself, 0.1 litre of oil per litre of petrol. The model L has a high level of finish: aluminium exhaust damper, aluminium footboards and Terrot’s own 2-speed gearbox. A removable 0.7 litre spare oil container is fixed to the rear of the luggage carrier and two independent brakes are provided on the rear wheel, one hand-operated, one foot-operated. The machine has chain-cum-belt transmission and an outside flywheel. Accessories include graceful and compact acetylene lamp, tyre pump and metal holder for spare inner tube. The petrol tank has a capacity of 6 litres and the total weight of the machine, capable of 50km top speed, is only 60kg.
This beautifully restored machine has been part of a static collection. Nevertheless she starts, runs and shifts well. A video is available on request.