Terrot 1952 Motorette MT1 100cc 1 cyl ts 3104



Terrot 1952 “ Motorette MT1” 100cc two stroke single engine # 537115

The MT1 was the lightest model in the 1952 Terrot range.
It features a 48x55mm two stroke engine and has a two-speed, hand-change gearbox.
Ignition and lighting are provided by a flywheel magneto.
Telescopic front forks became standard on this model in 1951.
A pedal start system is fitted and the brakes are adequate for the 55kg light machine, 100mm in front and 130mm at the back.
The hinged rubber saddle with adjustable horizontal spring might need some attention; this lightweight Terrot has been part of a static collection for a long time.
The machine has been restored a number of years ago but will need a check-over before it can be safely used on the road.