Timeless 2009 model 1910 Harley Davidson 2912



Timeless recreation of 1910 Harley-Davidson motorcycle 500c AIV single

The origins of these high-quality reproductions started a number of years ago with American Mike Hanlon.
He is a master mould maker, machinist, and all-round motorcycle enthusiast.
Mike’s main business was building forks for custom bikes but a number of years ago he started to develop a fascination for the simplicity and quality that were standard practice a hundred years ago in motorcycle building.
At first he created a single cylinder engine of 500 cc capacity that mirrored a 1910 Milwaukee made engine.
He got very enthusiastic reactions about the impeccable quality so he decided to build an appropriate rolling chassis to turn his creation into a real motorcycle.
The result is quite possibly the most authentic veteran motorcycle ever reproduced.
It not only looks but also will run exactly like the motorcycle you would have purchased back in 1910, it replicates 1910 state-of-the-art fabrication in many ways.
Faithful to its 1910 inspiration, nickel plating – not chrome – is used.
Note the flat 99-inch long leather belt drive, the authentic white button tread tyres and the hand-made full spring leather seat.
The machine is fully functional and we expect some owner will fire it up and show it off on private premises or on the grounds of an antique motorcycle meet, but it is not built to be taken out on the street.
|It is intended to be a collectible for those who admire what motorcycles were like at the beginning of the last century.
We offer this Timeless motorcycle on behalf of a client who decided to put a vintage Harley-Davidson script on the fuel tank.
This stunning time machine is in excellent condition throughout and comes with Lucas acetylene lighting system.