Triumph 1928 N de Luxe 500cc 1cyl sv



Triumph 1928  “ N de Luxe”   494 cc side valve  frame # 200 5256 engine  # 505 078 WCO 

The 1928 model N de Luxe, announced in September 1927, was a major step forward for Triumph. 
It was their first saddle tank machine and with the new frame and lower seating position the machine feels much more “sporting” than the previous flat tank “touring” machines. 
This, and the change to an entirely new tank colour scheme  of black with light blue panels, after 15 years of the French grey with dark green panels, heralded a new era for Triumph.  
The engine and gearbox were basically that of the reliable and well proven Model P and N, but there were numerous detail changes. 
To name one: the spark plug position was moved from the centre of the head, between the valve caps, to being mounted in the inlet valve cap, as it had been found that the incoming gases helped to cool the plug.  
The engine had 84 mm bore x 89 mm stroke and a compression ratio of 4.5:1. 
From October 1928 the model N de Luxe was changed slightly and the name reduced to simply its initials, NL.  (source:  Peter Cornelius,  see
Peter can supply   a detailed information booklet on the N de Luxe.) 
This machine has been restored some time ago and is in fine condition.