Velotouriste 1922 series A 113 cc 1 cyl ts



Vélotouriste  1922  Model A 113 cc  two stroke  auxiliary engine  frame # 340321  engine # 328

The Paris based  firm of Potier et Lecorsier produced this ingenious little  bicycle attachment engine from the spring of 1922 till the summer of 1924. 
The engine is placed  longitudinally in an unusual but practical position,  in front of the bracket. Bore and stroke are 60×40 mm which give the engine  sufficient power to propel the bicycle and rider with a speed of some 25 km/ hour.  
Clutch nor gears are employed and the rear wheel is driven by chain.   
Magneto is  Déesse, carberettor Zénith.  
The reservoir holds 2 ½ litres of petroil  and  1 litre of spare oil. 
Engine, tank controls and sundry parts weigh some 14 kilos.  
This charming vintage French motocyclette  is complete but unrestored.