Waddington 1905 500 cc 1 cyl tricycle



Waddington  ca. 1905 forecar     Fafnir  500 cc  ioe   frame#1903/77 engine# 4785


The Waddington and Sons Motor Company of Newport Road,  Middlesborough
produced  motorcycles , forecars and light cars ( voiturettes) between 1902 and 1906.
This forecar  is equipped with a proprietary German 3 HP Fafnir engine.The very early Fafnirs had an atmospheric inlet valve; this engine has a mechanically oerated inlet valve so it can be dated at around 1905.  
The machine was restored  some 20 years ago and is in good technical condition. 
It is equipped with a Longuemare carburetor and battery and coil ignition. 
(See also the early advert of the Waddington Motorcycle)