Wall 1913 Autowheel 118cc 1 cyl aiv



Wall   1913  “ Autowheel”     attached to Sparkbrook Ladies’ bicycle  118 cc aiv  frame #  11645 engine # 3722

Mr.  A. W.  Wall  produced various types of motorized vehicles   in  the ROC  Motor Works     in Birmingham. 
The company was financed by the famous writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 
Initially  Precision-engined motorcycles were built with very long frames that could be equipped with two speed gears  of ROC manufacture. Around 1910 a three wheeled vehicle was marketed, the Wall Tricar. 
About  that time Wall ventured in the field of auxiliary engines by bringing out the Autowheel, a drive unit that could be coupled to a bicycle. 
The Autowheel became popular and thousands were sold in the years before World War 1.   
Word has it that the aluminium engine castings  were  produced in Belgium. Some notable differences between 1913 and 1914 models:1913 early units had tubular engine mounts front and rear, induction direct over the inlet valve and no silencer box on the front engine mount. 
Later 1913 models had a platform engine mount at the back and tubular at the front. 
1914 models have platform mounts front and rear, induction into the side of the cylinder block and an exhaust box in the front engine mount.
This charming piece of veteran transport is and older restoration and comes complete with Pioneer certificate.