Wanderer 1914 4PS 500cc 2 cyl sv 2709



Wanderer  1914   4PS   504 cc side valve V-twin   engine# 23489

Wanderer motor cycles were manufactured in the German town of Chemnitz between 1902 and 1929.
The Wanderer company also built high-quality bicycles, typewriters, mechanical calculators and cars.
In the early twenties the firm employed more than 6000 labourers.
Wanderer motorcycles had an excellent reputation; they were sturdily built and their finish was first class.
Between 1914 and 1918 the German army used many Wanderers.
The 1914 range comprised two models,  a 2 PS (251 cc) single and a 4 PS (504 cc) v-twin.
Both types  were equipped with front and rear suspension. The company guaranteed a top speed of 85 kilometres per hour for the 4 PS.
The machine weighed  90 kilos and had a fuel consumption of 4 litres per 100 kilometres.
This very interesting specimen spent its life in Sweden and comes in authentic, unrestored condition.
At some point in time the belt drive has been cleverly  converted  to  chain drive.
There is a two speed gear in the rear hub and  when found  the machine came with an set of skis that could be fitted to its sides,  apparently a handy accessory in Sweden.