Wanderer 1904 308cc 1cyl aiv 2803



Wanderer 1904 “2 ½ PS” 308 cc a.i.v. frame # 82800 engine # 718

Wanderer motor cycles were manufactured in the German town of Chemnitz between 1902 and 1929.
The Wanderer Company also built high-quality bicycles, typewriters, mechanical calculators and cars.
In the early twenties, the firm employed more than 6000 labourers.
Wanderer motorcycles had an excellent reputation; they were sturdily built and their finish was first class.
Between 1914 and 1918 the German army used many Wanderers. The company used both single cylinder and unit construction V-twin engines of their own manufacture.
In the twenties Wanderer was successful in racing, especially with their 8-valve OHV V-twin.
In 1929 the Czech manufacturer of arms Janecek bought the licence of the Wanderer design and started producing motorcycles under the JAWA (Janecek and Wanderer) trademark.
The first Wanderer motorcycle was equipped with a 1 ½ HP engine of the firm’s own manufacture.
It had bore x stroke dimensions of 62 x 72 mm, giving a capacity of 217 cc and it ran at 2000 rpm.
The 1903 model was equipped with a 2 HP engine (249 cc) and for 1904 a 2 ½ HP machine was presented with bore x stroke of 70x 80 mm.
A big step forward on this model was the availability of magneto ignition.
The machine we offer here is an incomplete restoration project.
The parts that are there are in excellent condition.
Note the American Schebler carburettor -clearly not according to factory specifications – and the “Welt Lanterne” acetylene lamp.
We have been told this is the oldest Wanderer known so far.