Zenith 1928 Model 24 300cc 1 cyl sv 2902



Zenith 1928 “Model 24” 300 cc side valve JAP frame # 12133 engine # A/C 12326

Already in pre WW1 days Zenith machines gained many successes; driving force was chief engineer Freddy Barnes, who was responsible for the famous “Gradua” gear.
In the twenties production had to be economized and the expensive Gradua system gave way to a more conventional Sturmey Archer or Burman 3 speed gearbox.
Zenith stayed in the forefront with their racing and record breaking activities: in 1928 a Zenith-JAP established a world record of 124.62 MPH at Arpajon in France.
The Zenith models in the late twenties ranged from a 172 cc Villiers two stroke model to a 986 cc JAP V-twin.
The Model 24 was a medium power touring machine that was equipped with Druid forks, ML magneto, AMAC carburettor and 3-speed Sturmey Archer gearbox.
In 1927 some Zenith models were available with saddle tanks, for the 1928 model year this feature became available for all models.
This older restoration comes complete with acetylene lighting system and UK documents.