D Rad 1929 RO/6 500 cc 1 cyl sv



D-Rad  1929   type “ R 0 / 6”       497cc   side valve  frame#  47311    engine # 34069

D-Rad motorcycles were produced  between 1921 and 1933 by the Berlin-based Deutsche Industriewerke and designed by  engineer Christiansen. 
The machines were nicknamed “Springboks from Spandau” and constitute the archetype of 1920s German motorcycle design: sturdy, strong and well-built.
This R04 has a 497cc  unit construction engine with oil in crankcase, hand –operated three speed gearbox and trailing link front forks with leaf spring suspension. 
The clutch can be operated by hand and foot and the machine has comfortable footboards. 
This machine comes complete with Bosch electric lighting system, speedometer  and passenger seat and  is a well-restored example of German motorcycle design.