Douglas 1922 2¾hp 350cc 2 cyl sv



Douglas   1922   Model “ W 22 “     2 ¾ HP   349 cc  SV  flat twin   frame #  56063  engine #  54546

This Bristol-based firm developed the horizontally opposed fore-aft unit in about 1907 and continued utilizing this engine layout  well into the thirties. 
The earliest Douglas models had direct belt drive, but in 1910 a two-speed gearbox was added, with the control on top of the petrol tank. Douglas machines became very popular because of their lightness,  ease of starting and speed: in the 1912 Junior TT races Douglas took first, second and fourth places. In the First World War  thousands of  2 ¾ HP machines were commissioned for use by despatch riders and  performed splendidly. 
By 1920,  the standard 2 ¾  model W had a kick-starter and  a clutch. 
The more basic  WD had the  “veteran” specification  and did  not have the luxury of a clutch and kickstarter.  
Lubrication  is by means of hand pump with drip feed regulator. The petrol tank holds 5  ½  litres, the oil compartment 1 ½ litres.  Petrol consumption is about  1 litre per 30 kilometres.
This light but agile vintage twin comes complete with acetylene lighting set, bulb horn and Cowey speedometer.
It is a well-restored specimen  that  will be a pleasure to ride or show.