Indian 1913 Regular model 2 cyl 1000 cc ioe



1913 Indian 1000cc I.O.E.

Pre WWI Indians are rarely offered; they are highly coveted because of their beauty of design and exclusiveness. 
This 1913 Big Twin has the 1000cc inlet-over-exhaust engine and Hedstrom carburettor. 
Transmission is via an overdimensioned clutch, which takes care for a flexible power transfer to the rear wheel. 
Clutch control is by a long lever beside the petrol tank; alternatevily a foot pedal can be used. 
The single speed type was very popular as a solo machine. 
The big 28” wheels, front and rear leaf-spring suspension and slim tank design give this legendary Indian graceful lines. 
The machine is unrestored but well-conserved and has been run in many vintage rallies.