Sunbeam 1936 Model 14



Sunbeam  1936   246 cc OHV   Model 14  “250 cc Longstroke”   frame # 22.543.0.220 Engine # 22.542.0.245

This 250 touring model  ( 59×90 mm)  was introduced for the 1933 season and stayed in production till the end of 1938, when the new high camshaft model B23 came out.  
That is to say, it was not listed for the 1935 season; in that year a new 250 with hairpin valve springs and different  bore / stroke dimensions of  64×70 mm was introduced. 
This machine was not a great success however so for 1936 the model 14 stepped in again.
The machine is equipped with a four speed Burman gearbox and it is an older restoration.
The saddle is a non-original item.